Finding An Auckland Electrician: Tips to Make the Right Choice

April 23, 2019 Samantha

It is imperative to keep the electrical system in your commercial or residential property safe and functional. If there’s a problem with your installation, connection or wiring, misalignment can become a serious safety hazard for the people inside your household, while having the potential to cause significant damage to the property itself. It’s crucial to work with an experienced Auckland electrician to minimise risk and get the job done right. 

 Here are some factors to consider to make the right choice:

Qualifications and Certifications 

The Auckland contractor of your choice must be a professional with adequate experience and training. In Auckland, it’s crucial that all contractors hold a qualification or certification outlining their experience and skill in the work field. Transparency is crucial, so always ask the potential contractor if they hold these certifications. They should be happy to provide. 

Certified Auckland electricians are expected to have a minimum of 3 years’ experience and give a 12-month warranty on their work to prove their skill and competence.

Reviews and References

In this increasingly digital world, finding references and reviews from real people are worth their weight in gold. Find out about the type of jobs that the electrical contractor has completed in the past. Does this align with the kind of work you would like done? Even ask around your family and friends to see if they have any spectacular recommendations that they can put forward to you (such as Ben Cable Electrical! ). 

Follow-through on these suggestions and narrow your pool down to 3-5 contractors before calling for a quote or contracting for further work.

Compare Quotes and Estimates

The unknown factor of additional costs, hidden and excess charges, and drawn out timeframes can often scare homeowners off calling an Auckland electrician. Make sure you collect and compare quotes from at least five electricians before making your final choice.

The majority of electricians in Auckland will keep their word and give realistic estimates and price guarantees in writing. Working through the project in this method means that there will be no malicious surprises when you eventually get the invoice.

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