Commercial Electrical Work | Finding the Best Commercial Electrician

February 11, 2020 Samantha

Looking to hire a commercial electrician? With so many options, the task can feel overwhelming at first.

Although homeowners and commercial business both have ongoing electrical needs, commercial services are generally performed on a much larger scale. Ben Cable electricians are experts in commercial facility work. We know to install the right electrical systems with the safest and most efficient methods. Here are a few tips we have picked up over the years to help you in your search for a commercial electrician.


  1. Look For Testimonials

    Find a commercial electrician that has a range of testimonials and reviews on and offline. Often, the most honest and purest form of recommendation is from your family and friends. Ask specifically for recommendations on commercial work, as residential and commercial electrical capabilities differ hugely. With this collection of recommended commercial electricians, go forward and contact these companies personally and ask for a quote.

  2. Look For a Quote

    Many workplaces are afraid of locking into one electrical company for long-term electrical work. If unforeseen work is required, businesses often fear that prices will creep up beyond agreed budgets. We recommend that during your search, compare a range of quotes from a handful of electrical companies and request a fixed quote if this is available. Also keep in mind external factors outside of quotes and prices, such as whether the electrician has completed similar commercial work in the past.

  3. Look for Creativity and Adaptability

    On the job, original plans can warp according to unexpected obstacles along the way. When this occurs, the electrician needs to work with these barriers to create solutions so that the job is back on track as soon as possible. This is a great point of difference when it comes to commercial work. Many electricians are sufficient in basic skill, but it is adaptability and creativity that make the work stand out.


Ben Cable Electrical encompasses a range of commercial work, including re-wiring, electrical renovations, electrical shop fit-outs, switchboard upgrades, lighting installations, alarm system installations and data cabling. For glowing testimonials, free quotes and high-quality, qualified electricians, contact Ben.

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