Why Should I Choose a Registered Electrician?

August 11, 2020
August 11, 2020 Samantha

Why Should I Choose a Registered Electrician?

It’s clear that a New Zealand registered electrician is always preferable to an electrician that does not have the stamp of approval by The Electrical Workers Registration Board. The EWRB is a New Zealand government entity that “promotes safety for all New Zealanders by ensuring the competence of electrical workers”.  

But when you break it down, what skills are required to separate the pros from the amateurs? And how does an electrician become registered? Let’s look into it. 

Registered electricians understand New Zealand’s electrical regulations and standards. 

To become registered, a tradesperson is required to undergo an array of assessments and exams that test the knowledge of all current standards in place by the government. This includes standards such as a National Certificate in Electrical Engineering, a National Certificate in Electrical Supply or a New Zealand Certificate in Electrical Engineering Theory and Practice (Trade). If you are ever unsure as to whether your electrician is qualified, feel free to ask for their certificate of compliance and/or safety. 

Workmanship Guarantee

Knowledge of New Zealand’s modern electrical standards of safety hugely assists in preventing the potential for damage, fire and electrical fault within your home. When working with electricians registered under the EWRB, homeowners can be confident that all safety requirements are applied and work is completed under a workmanship guarantee. 

Avoid Problems When Making an Insurance Claim or Selling your Property 

If residential or commercial electrical work has been made without the aid of a qualified electrician, it’s easy to run into logistical problems in the short or long term future. Particularly if you wish to sell your property or make a claim with insurance. If the electrical circuitry of your property falls short of standard, it will become much more difficult to submit a legitimate claim or pass under inspection. 

If you’re looking to hire a registered electrician for your next project, Contact Ben. 

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